The University of Monterrey (UDEM) will publish the model ISPEF about the Center for infancy and family, the experiences of Strathegies Professor realized by the alumns of the Maestria of UDEM and the projectuality 2009-2012 of the international networks REEI and REALINFO to improve the quality of the institutions for infancy..


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From the 29 to the 31 may 2008 at Guardiagrele, the Network REEI – European Network Education Infancy –realized from I.S.P.E.F. of Rome ( has created the bases to develop projects of educational politics, of quality of training and of didactic experimen-tations at European and Latin America level. The Network REEI borns from the need to promote the education of children aged from 0 to 6, with the counseling to the families and the training of educators for the realization of an educational community and an active citizenship, following the indications of the Lisbona Treaty of 2000. 



For the third year Fausto Presutti has made in the University of Monterrey (Mexico), as hosting Professor, the course “Strathegies Professor for the starting and preschool education” in the specialisation of the Department of Education 


In addition, ISPEF and UDEM have signed the “carta de intenciòn” to verifie the possibility to realize Doctorates of research in the following years.
At least, with the International relations of Udem has been defined the procedures for the realization of two course of training to realize in Italy in july 2009 with students of the Faculty of Education, Psycopedagogy and Psycology of the University of Monterrey.




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